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Who We Are

About Damayan, Inc.

Damayan, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 to increase food security for low-income families. For seven years, Damayan was a grassroots, volunteer-run organization planting only family gardens.

In 2000, we wanted to extend our reach in the community and use the gardens to teach nutritional and environmental education. To this end, we began planting community gardens in community centers and schoolyards. We have seeded more than 30 gardens in our region and currently support 3 community gardens and edible schoolyards in the Tallahassee area.

To realize our mission, we partner with the faculty and parents at a school or a community organization to implement and maintain the gardens. In addition to supplying soil, compost, plants and seeds, Damayan offers hands-on instruction while the new gardeners master the skills necessary to maintain the gardens themselves.

Thank You!

Damayan would like to thank our tireless volunteers, the Tallahassee community, and everyone else who has pitched in over the years.

Thank you for keeping us growing.


Penny Alsop - Read A Note from Our Founder


Burgen Schwartz, Garden Program Director

David Carré, FSU Community Ambassador

Sydney Otis, FSU Community Ambassador

Hunter Dennis, FSU Facilitator

Kendahl Stewart, FSU Facilitator

Board of Directors

Laura Phipps, Chairperson
Robbie Estevez, Garden Instructor, Grants & Fundraising
Kathy Weiss, School Garden Club Instructor
Laurie Jones, School Garden Club Instructor
Tiffany Torres
Bill Taylor

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